March 2016

March 2016
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Letter 1 - Robert's Petticoating And His First Wife
Letter 2 - Husband Shares A Fantasy
Letter 3 - My Husband Poppet
Letter 4 - My Girly Brother (cr)
Letter 5 - My Husband John Who Now Is Joannie
Letter 6 - Open Letter To Maid Felicity
Letter 7 - My Dominant Wife
Letter 8 - Trapped In Diapers
Letter 9 - Is Petticoating For Me?
Letter 10 - Wife & Mother Up To Something

Lori's Stories
My Downfalls
Baby Annie

The Fiction Department
Caught Spying
Which Girdle?

The Guiding Hand - Part Three
Fiction by Andy Latex

New Uniforms At The Dame Crushforth Academy
A Story by Prim (Art)

Art by...
Andy Latex

Old Boy Photo

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