March 2000

March 2000
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Letter 1 Two Teachers Who Believe in Petticoat Discipline
Letter 2 Still a Big Baby
Letter 3 My Frilly Maid
Letter 4 Little Baby Bunting
Letter 5 Panty Pacifier
Letter 6 Witness to Petticoat Penance
Letter 7 Naughty Husband
Letter 8 Knickers and Tights Improved Son's Behaviour
Letter 9 Pinafore Punishment from Aunt Dorothy
Letter 10 Creating a Disciplinary Regime
Three School Letters
  Caught in a Girl's Mackintosh
  Mum Put Me in a Liberty Bodice
  Made to Wear Schoolgirl Bloomers
Special: Petticoating in Australia

Advice from Nanny Susan

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