December 2015

December 2015
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Letter 1 - Petticoating Memories (Photos)
Letter 2 - Felicity Update
Letter 3 - Confession Session
Letter 4 - Its A Wonderful Life
Letter 5 - Corrective Training Of Boys (cr)
Letter 6 - My Petticoated Childhood
Letter 7 - History Of My Petticoating (Photos)
Letter 8 - I'm A Boy... But My Ma Won't Admit It
Letter 9 - Living With Two Women - May Need Help
Letter 10 - My Re-education

Lori's Stories
Kissing Cousins
Useless Husband

The Fiction Department
Boys Will Be Girls Part Three
Robins New Governess

PDQ Book Reviews
'Peaches' by Angela Rasch and Amelia R.
'51 Shades of Chiffon' by Danielle Grace

The Rubberist's Diary

Knitwear to Encourage Sissy Behaviour (Photos)

The Art of Vancy (Art)

Pretty Boys In Pretty Pink Dresses - Poem By Marsha

Christmas Crossword Puzzle from Faye (PDF)

Castre's Story- The New Suffragettes (PDF)

Art by...
Andy Latex

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