April 2002

April 2002
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Letter 1 Much Happier as a Girl
Letter 2 Petticoat Pleasures with Auntie
Letter 3 Petticoating is a Family Tradition
Letter 4 Petticoat Punishment for a Philandering Husband
Letter 5 My Husband is My Little Girl
Letter 6 Subtle Panty Training From my Wife (Photo)
Letter 7 Brought Up as a Girl
Letter 8 Wore Sister's Skating Skirt and Tights (Photo)
Letter 9 Make-up Model for my Sister
Letter 10 Katrin Now a Contented Housemaid

The Buster Brown Comics by Anne and Timmy No 1: Buster Brown Puts on Girl's Clothes (Art)

From The Mirror
From The Times
From The Guardian
From The New York Times

Advice from Nanny Slagg
General Correspondence from Our Readers (Photos)
Gossip from the Typing Pool
Curiousities, Grotesqueries, Follies, and Strange Customs (Photos)
Essay: Petticoat Punishment in Erotic

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